“For the love of the art”



Secret Theatre have travelled the world with unique, immersive site specific Secret Theatre Projects that have entertained a global audience with intimate experiences. 


Our recent Singapore production was voted Number 1 event by Tatler Magazine and enjoyed a wild sold out run. Our London show, the world premier “Code 2024” that has just completed a historic sold out run, and was voted coolest show in London by GQ Magazine.

We love new writing and unique shows, our next world stage premier opens in Asia is 2019.


The projects started in 2008 with a site specific production of Edward Scissorhands in an abandoned factory in New York, leading to exciting shows around the world.


These included the  original world stage premiers Freakazoid at an asylum in LA, Code 2021 at the courtroom and crime scenes of The Town Hall Hotel London, to contemporary adaptations of Romeo and Juliet on an Island in London, Reservoir Dogs in a secret warehouse and sell out critically acclaimed productions in Hong Kong including SE7EN DEADLY SINS that saw audiences braving a doomed boat trip to a haunted mansion, with a speedboat ride adding to the thrill as they hunted the killer.